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Here is the pcb and panel set for the performance filter, the first pcb/panel set.

This is only a very small run. I will have another filter soon. but i figured this would be a good place to start!. many more modules to come.

This is based on the first module i ever built and still use in my synth to this day, if you’ve seen my latest video you will have seen that for reliability reasons i have decided to rebuild my synth, so i may as well share the process for other people to build!

PLEASE NOTE this is the kosmo format, which is 20cm tall, if you have seen my zine on building diy synth you will know this is the format i use, and i know a few people who have begun to build in this format so im sorry eurorackers! i know rene has a plan to build a eurorack module! the info on this circuit and other René Schmitz designs do check over here

It works on the same eurorack power standard. +12v/GND/-12v

all of the components are written on the pcb, so even without any documentation you can get this beast built! However a BOM and the schematic it is based on is available over here

Both the panel and pcb are pcb material. which actually works really well. it scratches less and is just as sturdy. if your looking at getting into the kosmo format (metric 5u) there is plenty more to come! im aiming for a whole synth voice very soon! so please keep an eye out on this site.

Good luck!


These circuit boards require self-assembly, sourcing of your own components, some tools and some electronics knowledge. Tools needed at the very minimum include a soldering iron and snips. Care and common sense is needed for these projects, electronics whilst fun could be dangerous if done incorrectly. Please exercise caution and follow safety guidelines when making these circuits. All PCBs on this website are sold at the purchasers risk.


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