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2221 CrosFoberMordulator Synth Voice PCB and PANEL’s

2221 CrosFoberMordulator Synth Voice PCB and PANEL’s

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Size 30 x 20 cm

The 2221 Crosfobermordulator PCB/Panel set is the pcb and panel to make A Complete synth voice with a primary oscillator, a secondary oscillator a filter and dual envelope generators with a voltage controlled modulation setup, it can make some truly funky sounds! It is not designed as a replacement to the 1222 and filter module setup. But to compliment it in the synthesizer 
Setup, this also works really well with the 1221 oscillator expander.
More information and build documentation here :

These circuit boards require self-assembly, sourcing of your own components, some tools and some electronics knowledge. Tools needed at the very minimum include a soldering iron and snips. Care and common sense is needed for these projects, electronics whilst fun could be dangerous if done incorrectly. Please exercise caution and follow safety guidelines when making these circuits. All PCBs on this website are sold at the purchasers risk.

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